Forever blowing bubbles

Recently I came across a post on the internet about a photographer called Richard Heeks who photographed bubbles. This has been done before and done well so what can be done differently or better? I didn’t think a lot. I was wrong. The images that Heeks has produced are amazing, with vivid colours, fine details and really interesting angles.

Heeks’ images inspired me to have a go myself, so I asked my sister to blow some bubbles while I tried to capture them with my camera. My best results are below

IMG_3076 - small

IMG_3088 -small

IMG_3093 - small

It’s actually harder than it looks, what with trying to keep a floating bubble in view and trying to capture it before it pops or lands on the camera lens (making for a soapy camera). My images are no where near as good as Heeks’ but I still quite pleased with them and I’m determined to keep trying.

Pretty Fuchsia

flower drop
These pretty pendant flowers are called Fushia but have also been known to be called Ladies eardrops. They remind me of my childhood, of when I would squeeze the pod open between my fingers before nature could, and loving the little ‘pop’ sound they made (I don’t do it anymore though!). We still have some in our garden today and I love the bright colour and memories they bring throughout the year.
I’d love to hear what flowers make you smile or have a special place in your memory

Minty baby shower

My younger sister is due to have her first baby soon, so to mark the arrival of our lovely niece or nephew, my family (consisting of me, my sisters, my sister-in-law, my sister’s husband and a few of his cousins) decided to throw her a baby shower. I think my we managed to do quite a good job, even if I do say so myself!

We decided to go with the colour theme of mint green, but I think some of us got confused with what shade that was and we ended up with various shades of green instead! I’m glad to say though that even with all the greens, the decorations and food looked better than we thought it would.

My older sister who is very crafty made a lovely banner with lots of nice ‘baby’ theme touches


Lots of parties these days have fun things like chocolate fountains, but as delicious as they are, they can be too messy for the little kids who end up with chocolate all over their faces and tops! We opted for something just as nice but less messy; a sweet bar. We have done these before and they have always been popular with the guests. We found lots of different sweets in the colour green and put them in difefrent jars and plates to make it look pretty


I think the colours all sit really well together and I especially like the colours of the cupcakes, which are in a nice vivid green (well done to my brother in law for making these – with a little help from my sister)


My sister got lots of lovely gifts from her guests and family. Seeing as the baby’s gender is still a secret there was lots of soft neutral colours

This is a ‘nappy cake’ made by my creative sister in law; I thought she did a great job



There was also lots of good food and party games including one where we tried to guess baby pictures of the guests.

Everyone who came commented on how much they enjoyed themselves which was nice to hear, and as a little token all the guests got to take home a goody bag of stripes or spots


I hope you’ve enjoyed my photos and I’d love to hear what kind of themes you may of had at parties you’ve been to; what worked well and what didn’t?