Vintage bridal shower

Wedding season is in full swing at the moment and this year we have a big wedding in our family too; my youngest sister is getting married. To get the ball rolling with the celebrations my older sister decided to throw her a bridal shower, the theme; vintage, which means florals, pearls, pastels and polka dots. We held the bridal shower in the garden so we can enjoy the good weather, the extra space and also have my mum’s pretty flowers to add to the theme.
To add a bit of shade and colour we hung some pretty, flowery scarves from the fences, across the garden and added my sister’s handmade banners. We also added lots of other little touches to make the garden pretty

We each made some food for the day; my older sister made macaroni salad, my younger sister brought along chicken sandwiches and my sister-in-law made a pretty trifle. My contribution was chocolate dipped strawberries, plates of cut summer fruits and old fashioned lemonade which I thought would add a nice touch to a summery party. Our guests also brought along food and other tasty treats to share so we had lots of variety

IMG_3366 - small

For fun my sister-in-law arranged a quiz for my sister who is getting married where she asked her fiancĂ© 20 questions and asked my sister to see if she could guess how he answered. For each question she got wrong she had to put to put a piece of chewing gum in her mouth – I think she got about 2 right so she got through several packets!

Overall, it was a lovely bridal shower and everyone was able to enjoy the good weather, food and company. I think it was my baby nieces and cousin though, who stole the show with their pretty smiles and polka dot and flowery dresses, who got away with being cheeky and running off with numerous biscuits and cakes

Next up my sister-in-law is hosting a 1920’s themed party for the bride-to-be which we’re all looking forward to

Vegetable patch

IMG_3231 - small
Every Spring my mum, who has very green fingers, grows a variety of herbs and vegetables in our garden, with more varieties being added every year. This year as we are shooting through Summer lots of the plants are now bearing their offerings which are now ripe and ready to be picked. Here we have aubergines, chillies, French beans and tomatoes (you may wonder why some are still green though – my mum likes to add these to cooking to give food a tangy kick). There’s also others in our garden and as we head towards the end of Summer they too will be ready to enjoy

I’d love to hear what others are growing in their gardens and whether you’ve had a chance to enjoy them yet

Egyptian carvings

I came across these carvings in Harrods recently, in an area called the Egyptian escalator (which did include an actual escalator too) and thought they looked really realistic. There were lots of Egyptian carvings, patterns and statues dotted around, all with lots of detail and intricate patterns.
I hope to go to Egypt one day and see the real tombs and pyramids which are seeped in history, but for now maybe I’ll visit the British Museum and see the Egyptian exhibitions there