The savory side

In an earlier post I talked about my visit to a chocolate fair and how diverse a range of chocolates were available and how pretty and creative they were. As part of the fair there was a section for cheese and wine lovers and other savory snack for those who don’t have such a sweet tooth. I don’t drink and I’m not a fan of cheese but I was intrigued to see just how many different colours and shapes there were of cheese, so I followed the cheesy whiff and came upon lots of varieties.


There were some impressively big cheeses, and some ‘holey’ ones like you see in cartoons, and there were lots I’d never encountered before; some with blue veins running through them and others in colourful hues, each with their own taste and texture. I didn’t taste any as I’m no cheese connoisseur but I did take a close look at a few.

I didn’t spend too long in this section and I moved onto other savory snacks that were available. There were some Italian truffle and olive oils and various pickles. I didn’t buy any of these but I did opt for some roasted chili flavoured cashews which tasted pretty good.

Some other things that caught my eye were some really unique cheese boards, each with a different style and embellishments. I particularly liked the ones with inlaid Mother of Pearl

I didn’t seek out this section especially, but having a quick look at the stalls was interesting. I think it was a bit different to find at a chocolate fair but I didn’t have to pay any extra and it was another taste for food enthusiasts to enjoy.

I really enjoyed my visit to the chocolate fair and liked seeing all the different foods and chocolate goodies. I hope to be able to go to more food festivals soon.

East London street art

I recently went to dinner with friends in Brick Lane and one of the things I really enjoy in this part of East London, apart from the food, is the amazing street art. For those who don’t know, Brick Lane is known for it’s delicious food and wide range of interesting street art, and whilst I was waiting I took a walk to check out the artwork. It wasn’t long before I had my phone out and began taking photos (and I wasn’t the only one).

I wasn’t walking for long but I managed to take lots of photos. What I loved was seeing just how talented these artists were and the array of different styles and vivid colours that were used to express ideas and notions. You could see in some areas new paint covering the old, showing how art in this part of London is alive and ever changing.

I hope I can go back soon with my camera and spend longer admiring and capturing the artwork and I’m sure that there’ll be lots of new ones to see when I do.