Neal’s Yard

Neal’s Yard is a bit of a hidden spot in the center of London, it’s colourful buildings lead you to a quiet square where you can have a nice meal and a refreshing drink. On the day my sister and I visited it was lovely and sunny, making the colours really pop and the Yard inviting and relaxing.

Neal's Yard

Venus flytrap

Venus fly trap

I’ve seen the Venus flytrap plant on television and in books and have always thought of them as quite unusual looking, almost alien, so when I saw this plant for myself I was quite excited and dare I say a bit creeped out! The sharp ‘teeth’ look ready to clamp shut on anything that gets close enough and as tempting as it was I managed to keep my fingers away.

Mad Hatter’s tea party

Over the Easter break there are lots of activities and events planned to keep kids and their parents entertained. One such event planned in our local park was an Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter’s tea party. I met up with my sisters, sister-in-law and their little ones for an afternoon of fun and frivolity.

In keeping with the Mad Hatter’s tea party theme there were colourful props and outdoor games to play such as croquet. I personally really liked the giant tarts and cakes.

There were lots of little details from the famous Lewis Carroll tale, from lemonade and top hats to quaint little signs posted everywhere which I think really made the theme come to life. We were even lucky to have the Queen of Hearts join us as well as the White Rabbit, who made sure everyone followed the Queen’s fun demands, something the kids found really amusing.

We all thought it was an enjoyable afternoon and it was nice that a lot of effort had been made by the organisers. You can see more pictures of the tea party here and here.

Monopoly on the Square

My sister and I headed into London today to Trafalgar Square to see the giant Monopoly board that’s based on the game we used to play as kids. It’s been installed there for the weekend and is part of the London Games Festival that’s being held over the Easter break.

The Monopoly board wasn’t big as we imagined and there weren’t as many game pieces as we’d hoped but it was still a fun idea, and with the weather so warm and sunny we were happy to be out, even if we didn’t get a chance to play a round.

I think we had most fun though climbing up to where the famous bronze lions sit that guard Nelson’s Column. We haven’t done this since we were kids and no one cried this time!