Red phone box

Phone box
A red phone box is seen as one of the iconic images of London, and I came across this one on my travels recently around Central London. This one is still in full working order and although most people these days have mobile phones it’s still really nice to see these around (even if it is mostly for tourists I think) as there is a lot of history and culture entrenched in these.

Delicate pink

pink tulip
With Spring having arrived in the UK I have seen lots of tulips around which always look so pretty. I enjoy photographing these flowers as they are less tricky to focus on with their big petals and bright colours than smaller and more intricately detailed ones. I also like how although tulips look quite simple in shape you can still create lots of interesting images (like this one I have taken previously)

Blue and white bangles

blue and white bangle
The colour combination of blue and white to me always feels so refreshing when put together, so these bangles really caught my eye. I think these bangles with stones set in a simple but striking pattern would look great to compliment an outfit or even be worn as a statement piece on their own.
For more details of where they can be found see Feroza

Almost there


purple flower
I love these flowers in my garden, they remind me of daisies but purple. There are still several buds that haven’t opened but most have and this one is almost there too

On a completely different note, I didn’t realise it but I’ve now had this blog for 1 whole year! So thank you to all those that have visited and followed my blog and I hope you continue to do so. And I hope that I can carry on showing you my world, in an interesting and colourful way

Yellow fish

Yellow fish
I took this photo when I went to London Sea Life recently. It’s so difficult trying to take a decent photo of any of the fish through a tank and all the water, but I think this one looks ok (out of the hundred or so that I took).
This is called a Yellow Tang and it wasn’t whizzing around quite so much compared to the other fish



There’s been rumours over the last few weeks that Spring is just around the corner here in London, but I haven’t been so sure. Over the weekend, however, the weather’s been wonderful; warm and sunny. I think we can now confirm that Spring is officially here. I can’t wait for the trees and buds to burst in bloom

I hope it’s brightening up wherever you are too

Another eye, another angle


London eye
I know I’ve posted photos of the London eye before but I find that whenever I visit I just can’t help taking pictures of it to try and get another angle or view ; it’s just so big and in front the River Thames and with the ever changing city sky it just feels so iconic of London.

Kew Gardens – Autumn visit 4

One of the things I was most excited about seeing at Kew Gardens was the Xstrata Treetop Walkway that was constructed a few years ago. The idea behind the walkway was to enable people to walk among the tree tops to get a closer look at the best part of the trees; the branches and leaves which aren’t usually easily accessible. Walking toward the structure it seems to appear suddenly from amongst the trees.

IMG_2363 -small

To access the walkway you have to climb up a winding staircase with mesh sides, allowing you to see the view as you ascend. For those that can’t quite manage the stairs there’s also a lift that will take you to the top. The walkway is 59 feet high from where you get a great view

IMG_2378 -small

IMG_2389 -small

I was able to get really close to some of the branches but as it was Autumn some of the closer trees had already shed their leaves. I expect the walkway is even more enjoyable in Summer when leaves are aplenty

IMG_2373 -small

Another one of the other things I spotted almost immediatley as I entered the Gardens was this tall structure in the distance. I could tell straight away that it looked like a giant Pagoda like those found in Japan and wondered what it was doing in London!

IMG_2406 - small

IMG_2438 - small

It turns out that the Pagoda was completed by Sir William Chambers in 1762 and that there is also a section dedicated to a Japanese landscape, with plants and flowers typically found in the country as well as a structure called the Chokushi-Mon meaning Gateway of the Imperial Messenger

IMG_2424 -small

IMG_2440 -small

I thought the Japanese landscape was really nice and something different. I especially liked how tidy and organised it was (and if you look carefully you can see there is a circular pattern created in the pebbles)

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to Kew Gardens, I saw some amazing plants, trees and flowers, some that don’t originate from England and learnt a lot whilst walking around, soaking in the fresh air and peace and quiet. I think the gardens are something really special and the thing I like most is that you could visit at various times over a twelve month period and there would always be something new or different to see. I really hope I will be able to go back later this year when the plants and flowers are in bloom and nature has something else to share.

I hope you have enjoyed my photos and there is still so much I didn’t see or haven’t posted about so please don’t think that I have covered even a fraction of what else can be found at Kew. I would definitely recommend a visit if you like being outdoors and are interested in all things green.

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