Dutch Garden

In Holland park in West London there a place called the Dutch garden. The garden is called as such as every late spring/early summer hundreds of tulips bloom. When I heard about it I decided to make a trip to take a look; not only because I love tulips but who knows if I’ll ever go to the Netherlands and visit one of their famous tulip fields.

It was a really bright and sunny afternoon so I didn’t just get really hot, but unfortunately the flowers look quite saturated in my pictures.

In a nearby section there were other types of tulips and flowers too. This section was also a little less busy. I really like the sundial. And these murals are quite cool too, depicting people in old fashioned dress and how they might have enjoyed the garden in the past.

On my way out of the garden I spotted some wiseteria too.

The garden was really lovely, it was great to see swathes of tulips and just take in the colourful sight (also the sounds of a nearby quite loud peacock!).

Mother’s Day 2017

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK today and my mum got really spoiled with lots of flowers, presents and cards from her children and her grandchildren; a way to show her we all love and appreciate her. I hope all mum’s out there were treated like royalty today too.

All the colours


This is a close up of one of the tulips I bought my mum recently. I love how the petals took on a rainbow of colours as they opened. It makes me think perhaps someone has brushed on strokes of watercolour paint to create this beautiful effect.

Focus on the edge


I fancied posting a pic of something bright and colourful today, especially as we are having cloudy, grey days in London at the moment. I really like this photo of a tulip and how the vivid purple petals are in sharp focus, up close to the lens, with a softer focus on the bright green leaves in the background, adding a splash of color. The white space makes the green and purple stand out in contrast making for a simple yet striking image.

Delicate pink

pink tulip
With Spring having arrived in the UK I have seen lots of tulips around which always look so pretty. I enjoy photographing these flowers as they are less tricky to focus on with their big petals and bright colours than smaller and more intricately detailed ones. I also like how although tulips look quite simple in shape you can still create lots of interesting images (like this one I have taken previously)