Mother’s Day 2017

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK today and my mum got really spoiled with lots of flowers, presents and cards from her children and her grandchildren; a way to show her we all love and appreciate her. I hope all mum’s out there were treated like royalty today too.

All the colours


This is a close up of one of the tulips I bought my mum recently. I love how the petals took on a rainbow of colours as they opened. It makes me think perhaps someone has brushed on strokes of watercolour paint to create this beautiful effect.

Focus on the edge


I fancied posting a pic of something bright and colourful today, especially as we are having cloudy, grey days in London at the moment. I really like this photo of a tulip and how the vivid purple petals are in sharp focus, up close to the lens, with a softer focus on the bright green leaves in the background, adding a splash of color. The white space makes the green and purple stand out in contrast making for a simple yet striking image.

Delicate pink

pink tulip
With Spring having arrived in the UK I have seen lots of tulips around which always look so pretty. I enjoy photographing these flowers as they are less tricky to focus on with their big petals and bright colours than smaller and more intricately detailed ones. I also like how although tulips look quite simple in shape you can still create lots of interesting images (like this one I have taken previously)