Rose red


I took this photo a couple of years ago, when I was trying to get back into photography after a long break. I’d previously always used and loved cameras that took film and was apprehensive about switching to digital, but once I did I loved that not only could you see your images instantly but you could create different effects according to the light and composition due to the new technology.

This photo is one of my favourites and was one that was taken with a bit of experimenting. I love the bright red petals contrasting against the black shadows. And believe it or not this image has had no enhancement made to it at all.

Rainbow cake

It was my brother’s birthday recently so his wife and my sister decided to make him a cake, but not just any cake; a rainbow cake. (and I did my bit of course – babysitting!). They took inspiration from the Hummingbord rainbow cake which looks amazing.

First they made the batter like normal (sorry not a great photo)


Then they mixed the batter with various colours of food colouring, adding more or less depending on how rich they wanted the colours to come out


Then putting them in the baking tins and spreading the batter evenly


Once cooked leave them to cool

IMG_1904 -crop

Then the fun part-layering the different colours of the cake with icing or in this case low-fat cream cheese for the butter-cream icing holding it all together


Then just cover the whole cake in the icing and decorate as you like. All that is left is to chill and serve.


The cake is fairly easy to make, looks great and tastes delicious. For the recipe see here and you can see my sister’s write up of her baking skills here

Dancing sticks


No, these don’t actully get up and dance but they’re used in dances across the South Asian sub continent. The sticks are lightly hit against each other, as dancers move around.