Forever blowing bubbles

Recently I came across a post on the internet about a photographer called Richard Heeks who photographed bubbles. This has been done before and done well so what can be done differently or better? I didn’t think a lot. I was wrong. The images that Heeks has produced are amazing, with vivid colours, fine details and really interesting angles.

Heeks’ images inspired me to have a go myself, so I asked my sister to blow some bubbles while I tried to capture them with my camera. My best results are below

IMG_3076 - small

IMG_3088 -small

IMG_3093 - small

It’s actually harder than it looks, what with trying to keep a floating bubble in view and trying to capture it before it pops or lands on the camera lens (making for a soapy camera). My images are no where near as good as Heeks’ but I still quite pleased with them and I’m determined to keep trying.

10 thoughts on “Forever blowing bubbles

  1. Great images, it looks a cool thing to try, maybe I’ll get the kids blowing bubbles for me in the garden! Thanks for the link, Heeks’ images are amazing. Definitely want to try this!!

    • Thanks Katie, yes have a go, I’d love to see what kind of photos you manage to take, but just to give you a tip, make sure its not too windy in the garden otherwise the bubbles will just fly away – good luck

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