Roaring good cake

My recent trip to the farm was fun and interesting and once my family and I had seen all the animals we headed over to my sister’s house to get some rest and some delicious food. Once we were all fed and relaxed it was time to cut the birthday cake my sister had made for her daughter. Weeks of preparation had gone into making the cake and the end result was brilliant. It was colourful, fun and neatly fitted into the theme of the day; animals.

Animal birthday cake

My sister made all the animal cake figures from scratch as well as the cake and the matching cupcakes. I love all the details of the animals and how the rest of the table was tied in with animal toys scattered around the table and animal characters on the cups, plates and napkins.

Once the candle was lit and blown out by the birthday girl we all tucked in, and enjoyed a cake that tasted as good as it looked.

I wish the birthday girl good health, happiness and love for all the years ahead of her.

Squirrel monkey


Squirrel monkey
I recently went to Woburn Safari park and one of the animals I saw was the squirrel monkey, which are really small and pretty cute. These ones were really timid and open for people to pet and get quite close to. They did seem to have quite sad faces though, which started making me think twice about having animimals in zoos, but at least Woburn is a safari park and does allow animals more space and freedom than city zoos, and it does genuinley seems to care for them.