Seeds to flowers

seeds to flowers
I thought I’d share a photo of these pretty little flowers which some of you may recognise. Well, if you cast your mind back a few weeks you may remember this post where these little flowers were once tiny seeds, fighting their way out into the open. I love watching nature to see how fast changes occur over time, from seeds and buds to flowers and fruit. I’m sure there’ll be lots more to come yet as we’ve just come in to summer in England, which I look forward to.

Dandelion seeds

dandelion seeds
I’ve seen some amazing photos of dandelions seeds and have tried a number of times to try and capture them on my camera. I quite like this attempt but I will keep trying as I’m confident I can get better and much closer. The tricky part is making the sure the seeds are mostly intact and that it’s not too windy as the big head of seeds on a thin stalk makes the whole thing wave about!

Sprouting seeds


sprouting seeds
I like how each of these striped seeds are working together to push out from the ‘skin’ that encloses them.

Can anyone guess what plant these are from?

Update (11/06/14): These seeds are from spring onions plants. The onion bulbs grows beneath the ground but the seeds develop at the top.
Well done for those who guessed correctly and good try to others who had a go!