Still life roses

I thought I’d try and take different kind of picture with these roses instead of my usual macro shots. Seeing these sitting in a pretty vase made me think back to the still life paintings in my art books from the Renaissance period, which were wonderfully done, with lots of colours, details and depth. I know that this photo is quite simplistic in comparison to those grand paintings and I’ve used a camera (because my paintbrush skills are no where near as good as I wish they were) but the composition gives it the same feel and I think lets you see the colours and details by standing back to admire the whole scene instead of up close and just seeing parts.

What do you think of my attempt? Do you think my photo could resemble a simplistic version of a still life painting or am I just being overly hopeful?

Rose red


I took this photo a couple of years ago, when I was trying to get back into photography after a long break. I’d previously always used and loved cameras that took film and was apprehensive about switching to digital, but once I did I loved that not only could you see your images instantly but you could create different effects according to the light and composition due to the new technology.

This photo is one of my favourites and was one that was taken with a bit of experimenting. I love the bright red petals contrasting against the black shadows. And believe it or not this image has had no enhancement made to it at all.