Still life roses

I thought I’d try and take different kind of picture with these roses instead of my usual macro shots. Seeing these sitting in a pretty vase made me think back to the still life paintings in my art books from the Renaissance period, which were wonderfully done, with lots of colours, details and depth. I know that this photo is quite simplistic in comparison to those grand paintings and I’ve used a camera (because my paintbrush skills are no where near as good as I wish they were) but the composition gives it the same feel and I think lets you see the colours and details by standing back to admire the whole scene instead of up close and just seeing parts.

What do you think of my attempt? Do you think my photo could resemble a simplistic version of a still life painting or am I just being overly hopeful?

3 thoughts on “Still life roses

  1. Lofe the simplicity in the shot. lovely subject. if you want a good skill building activity, try side lighting with a window and use a shallow DOF with a room in the background 🙂 makes a lovely shot and its a good technical challenge.

      • Thanks Philip and glad you like the image. I did also think of the side lighting idea but it was quite a cloudy day so the sun couldn’t create a natural sharp shadow, I will certainly keep this in mind for next time though

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