Cherry harvest

Our neighbours have a cherry tree in their garden and this year it grew a huge amount of cherries. Our neighbours were generous enough to pick and share some, but encouraged us to pick all the cherries we wanted from the side of the tree that was hanging over our garden. With my mum and niece’s help I climbed up the tree and picked all that I could reach, with cherry juice running down my arm. Here’s some of what we picked, with about three times as much being shared with other family members and neighbours.


During Ramadan I watched the cherries on the tree in the garden grow, redden and become ripe. There was no sense in picking them though as there wasn’t a lot of time (or stomach space) for cherries, but on Eid the family all got together and picked the big, juicy cherries that had been tempting us for so long. Here’s some of the hundreds that we picked, and that were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Hungry birds

Cherry tree and thrushes

I was happily relaxing one afternoon when suddenly I heard a loud chirping and trilling, so I jumped up to investigate. I followed the noise to the kitchen and looking out into the garden I saw dozens of birds flying in and out of the neighbour’s big cherry tree. The birds (If you look closely you can see a dozen or so which I think are thrushes), were swooping down pecking off big, red, ripe cherries. I raced upstairs to have a better look and capture the moment. It was amazing to see so many birds in one place and I was surprised by just how much noise they could create in their excitement. I hope they enjoyed their delicious lunch!

Cherry picking

I have recently been spending a bit of time in the garden as the temperature has soared in London to try and get some fresh air. Whilst there I have been eyeing up the neighbours cherry tree which I have watched become full of cherries.


Here they are nearly ripe, and the photo was taken about a week or so ago but they still look so nice.

Luckily for us our neighbours are really lovely and seeing me in the garden they kindly said I could help myself to pick the cherries off the tree as they’d only get eaten by birds (there’s so many cherries, plus our neighbours, like us, are fasting so there’s only so much you can eat once the fast opens)

As they were now a deeper red and looked ripe and juicy I decided to pick some


They look so great on the tree itself and great in photos. The red looked really crisp against the green leaves


Here is what I picked, and there were loads more but I didn’t want to pick too many in case we couldn’t finish them


And the verdict? They were absolutely gorgeous, they tasted really sweet and fresh and they didn’t have any blemishes at all. And best of all I know they were grown without any pesticides used. I’ll certainly be picking more when I get the chance.

We have a plum tree and a pear tree in our garden and as they become ripe over the next couple of months I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on them. I’d love to hear what others have growing in their back garden.