Trip to the garden centre

Every year in early Spring my mum visits our local garden centre to buy a range of plants for our garden, this year I happened to have a few days of work so decided to tag along. There was a wide range of flower and vegetable plants to choose from.

There were also some interesting garden ornaments; I love the giant chess pieces and the elephants and cheeky gnomes would make a nice addition to any garden too. I was also intrigued to see the old fashioned styled brooms made of straw.

We got a little carried away and it was hard to not buy at least one of everything, but in the end we chose some strawberry and pepper plants and and variety of flowers so we have a range of treats for the eyes and tastebuds to look forward to.

Chicken skewers


Chicken skewers
It’s that time of year where everyone is enjoying the good weather and good food with this being usually epitomised by having a barbeque! These chicken skewers were absolutely delicious and enjoyed all round at one we held at home recently. What do others make of barbeques – love them or hate them?