Magic walkway

This is the pathway that leads to St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall.

Those who know about it, know that when the tide goes out the walkway becomes clear for you to walk on and leads you to the small island that has a castle or ‘mount’. The Island has many stories about it’s history, some factual, some in folklore, the most famous being it was once home to King Arthur.

Once the tide begins to come in the pathway begins to disappear beneath the waves (which I found out half way down on my way back to the mainland with my shoes getting soaked)


Once the tide is completely in from afar it seems like the pathway never existed and was perhaps even magic!


I’d love to hear your experiences of St Michael’s Mount and if you saw the tides coming in or out

Smiling seal


Smiling seal

I took this photo at a seal sanctuary in Cornwall a couple of years ago. I really like that I was able to get a picture of the seal face on – which was really tricky as they are fast swimmers.

Its not as glossy a picture as I would like but i’m still pleased with the colours and details that has been picked up