A Mild Winter

It’s been a very mild winter here in London so far. Usually by now it’s freezing and sometimes there’s even snow. This year, as the temperature hasn’t dropped so much I have been coming across some pretty sights on my lunchtime walks.

I’ve loved seeing these vibrant yellow daffodils emerging and making the grey days seems brighter. On a Sunny day it’s easy to think that Spring has already arrived.

I also spotted these pretty pink flowers that really made me think of Spring, and these very neat vertical flowers that look a little surreal.

As much as it’s lovely to see spring-like flowers so early it does have me a little worried as it’s not normal. Are these effects due to climate change or is it just an odd winter? I think only time will tell.

5 thoughts on “A Mild Winter

  1. Unusually, I was in London from the 12th to the 19th, and i also felt it was way too warm! (I was expecting it to be warmer than in Wisconsin but after the first day, it was almost balmy!)

      • I did, although I was teaching an online class. So it was work all day at the computer, then evening visits to see Richard Armitage in the theatre. No sight-seeing at all, which was a shame, but that is how it had to work out. I *did* eat a lot of great cuisines not available to me at home. You are lucky to live in such a vibrant, diverse city.

      • I saw Richard Armitage was in the theatre at the moment, hope you enjoyed the play. There is a diverse range of food in London which I agree is great. Shame about the sight seeing.

      • It was a very good play (I liked it better than his last play), but not at the level of The Crucible. However, it’s a pleasure to watch him on stage no matter what he does. Sight-seeing: next time!

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