Platinum Jubilee

A bit late posting this but Queen Elizabeth celebrated 70 years on the throne this year. There were celebrations around the country for the Platinum Jubilee. I’m not a huge fan of the Royals but I think you have to respect the Queen for doing 70 years in her duty. Here are some of the decorations that I saw on my visit to London and around my local town.

I like the fridge with the Union Jack print and the throne and crown display, and I thought the giant party popper was fun.

Pall Mall had flags all the way down and the creative streetart was done in my local town centre.

There were lots of street parties and picnics in the park to celebrate, and I’m sure everyone enjoyed the extra days off work too.

5 thoughts on “Platinum Jubilee

  1. I have the typical attitude of an American, I think: I enjoy watching the spectacle and I’m entertained by the soap opera of the Windsor family. And as you say, the Queen has really stuck with the job, often at fairly high personal cost. However, I’m glad we don’t have a royal family here!

      • You’d have to figure out how to have a head of state — and then there’s the question of how to divide up all the property. I’m sure they’d demand a huge payoff. Might be cheaper just to let them muddle onward.

      • I think I see them more as a tourist attraction, they bring in lots of revenue, but maybe they shouldn’t have so much power and members should be held accountable for any wrongs they do.

      • What I would find galling is the way they exercise power behind the scenes even though they have practically no actual political power. (the whole Queen’s consent thing, for example)

        Also, I have to admit it surprised me, the last time I was in London — it was the week that they had their big “summit” about what Harry’s role was going to be, going forward — and the news that week was about nothing else. I mean, really?

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