Enchanting Doorways

I recently went around London to visit some locations that are very popular as they’re pretty and eye catching. Here’s some that I thought were great.

I started in Kensington at this cake shop. The outside was very charming with it’s pastel pink and quaint tables and chairs. The arch of flowers and pumpkins was very seasonal and made for a grand entrance to the inside where there were some delicious looking treats.

Nearby was a bakery which was also looking very Autumnal with an archway that represented the harvest at this time of year.

Next I went to see a very picturesque house that was painted immaculately in white with the shutters and door painted in a popping pink.

Walking to the station I came across a lovely restaurant with a flora and fauna decorating the front with a well placed bicycle to add to the look. There were also other well kept doorways and walkways and of course the huge beautiful building that is Harrods. The best thing I saw all day though, was a huge suspended rhino above a jewellery shop. It looked surreal and it really made me smile.

I can see why some of these locations are sought after and busy, and it’s always nice to come across something unexpected too. I have more photos of other locations that I visited, that I will post soon.

6 thoughts on “Enchanting Doorways

  1. The cake shop is beautiful. The decor is pretty but that cake! Wow!
    I wish I could paint my front door and shutters pink but my husband would have a fit! 🙂

  2. LOL, I think Dominique Ansel would laugh to read himself referred to as “a bakery.” I don’t suppose you stopped for a cronut? 🙂

    • Haha, I’ve actually never heard of Dominique Ansel, so assumed it was a bakery as it says on the shop front. I have since looked it up online and seen how popular the cronuts are. I didn’t buy one though, as I was just passing by. Maybe next time 🙂

      • In NYC there’s apparently a line to buy them and a limit of two per customer. Have never partaken myself but I did walk past the last time I was there.

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