Sprinkling of snow

We’ve had a couple of snow storms in London over the last few days, which has brought a lot of excitement with the freezing temperatures and stiff wind. It’s been a few years since we last had a good sprinkling and although it settled initially, the snow was gone overnight. I did manage to take a few photos before it disappeared though, and I’m aware I definitely need to work on my night-time photography

Falling snow

This is the garden swing that looked pretty with a light coating of snow.


I don’t know if we’ll get any more snow over the rest of the Winter, but if there is I’ll be certain to take some more photos.

5 thoughts on “Sprinkling of snow

  1. I love the typo in your title — that is kind of what snow does. We have lots of it here, but I never stop thinking it’s pretty.

      • I just wish we could have snow without such deep cold. When I went out this morning my car door was frozen — open. Apparently I didn’t shut it properly on Thursday. Had to plug in a blow dryer and “blow dry” the latch to the door for about five minutes. Ugh.

        But it’s definitely pretty, the way the ice crackles show up on the windows of the car.

      • Wow, that’s cold, if your car was frozen open! But glad it was a quick fix and the cold didn’t cause any permanent damage. And I agree, Patterns in the ice as it cracks always looks pretty.

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