Spiral staircase

I went to a department store in London recently called Fortnum and Mason. Its known as the Queen’s grocer and has been operating for over 300 years. On the day I visited they had their spiral staircase beautifully decorated in pink, delicate flowers which I just had to capture.

Spiral staircase

Other wonderful and interesting things I spotted were glacé fruits, colourful candles and delicious looking sweets. I also tried some of the tea that was brewed whilst I wandered.

It was fun walking around and seeing things that I wouldn’t normally see in my every day life. I don’t plan a visit again anytime soon, but if I happen to be in the area I’ll be sure to have another browse.

9 thoughts on “Spiral staircase

  1. I love your pictures and perspective; that shot of the stairs is particularly gorgeous. The store is a total tourist trap. But my fault, I go there every time I am in London and have tea in their restaurant. Darjeeling, first flush; two scones with clotted cream and strawberry jam. I am such a cliché!

    • Thanks Servetus. Tea sounds nice with the scones, and if you enjoy it and you’re not in London very often then why not?! But I do agree with it being a tourist trap, there were tours being taken around the store.

      • yeah, it’s only every 2-3 years for me anyway. It’s kind of in a part of town where you’d probably be most likely to go if you were a tourist anyway. Also, those tea tins are kind of cute (don’t ask me why I think that — this store exercises a weird fascination over me) and I have a few empty ones now from shopping trips 🙂

      • I like tea tins too even though I’m not a tea drinker. They can be nice souvenirs. I know what you mean about having a fascination with large stores, I think its Harrods for me.

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