London Muslim Lifestyle Show 2016

This weekend my sister and I went to the London Muslim Lifestyle show in West London, which was an event bringing together different products and services that are available for Muslims. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I was looking forward to finding out.

There was a wide variety of things on offer; from different kind of foods, to jewellery and books.

My favourite things were the beautiful pieces of Arabic art, the stunning bottles of attar/perfume and tasty food on offer. I learnt lots of new things and was genuinely impressed by all innovative ideas that were presented from new phone apps to products that filled gaps in the market.

It was tempting to buy everything I liked, which was too much, but I managed to hold back and stick mainly to window shopping and tasters, treating myself to a few lovely things.

As you can tell I got a bit carried away with my photos, but there was just so much to see. As well as stalls there were fashion shows, singers and workshops that you could attend. My sister and I also had a lot of fun having our photos taken in photo booths wearing silly props. I thought it was an interesting event and meeting a diverse range of smiley people people, both Muslim and non created a great atmosphere.

3 thoughts on “London Muslim Lifestyle Show 2016

  1. Interesting — do you think there is a Muslim lifestyle or a Muslim aesthetic? I probably only know six or seven Muslims but they are all so different.

    • I think both, Muslim aesthetic in that people have different tastes and cultural backgrounds so prefer certain things over others, but I think also there is a Muslim lifestyle, as Muslims have to a diet restrictions (i.e. halal, no alcohol) and should dress modestly etc. An example that shows this could be that if a group of Muslims went out for dinner they may go to a halal restaurant, some choosing chicken, others, beef, some may even stick to vegetarian options, all different tastes but all halal.
      I hope I answered your question and wasn’t too confusing Servetus.

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