Bright and Early

We’ve had a pretty mild winter in London so far but I was still pleasantly surprised to see swathes of daffodils blooming. It seems a bit early but it certainly brightened up my day.

10 thoughts on “Bright and Early

      • It could be an early variety, i suppose. Daffodils are just easily confused, though, by warm weather. When we have a cold snap in the fall and then extreme “second summer,” as we did last year, we saw a few daffodils in October.

        I’m jealous. It’s -6F today here. Great weather for ice fishing.

      • To me, personally, it’s like watching TV with the TV off. However, the people who love it really love it. I think it’s more about the sociability and camaraderie, but then again when someone gets a really big fish, it makes the paper, and the sportsmanship shows.

      • yes, and lots of glory. Someone speared a 175 lake sturgeon here this season (just ended) and he got his picture all over the news media. His grin was so big that it almost broke his jaw, I think:)

        But I’m still ready for spring.

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