Brown lines

brown table garden
I got this composition almost by accident; I was out in my garden with my camera and as I went to pick it up off the garden table I noticed that it was pointed in the direction of the fence which had vertical lines like those of the table.
I really like this image because the lines of the table draw your eye up towards the fence which continues the verticle line. The light falling on the table brings a contrast in colour to that of the fence which helps to convey greater depth. I think the top of the chair also helps to break up the image. I think this is an nice example of how simple lines, colours and light can be used to create a a refreshing composition even with ordinary, day to day objects. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are, what you’d change if anything and if you can give me any tips

3 thoughts on “Brown lines

  1. I have heard a skilled photographer say “it’s all about composition”. I think that what you wrote is entirely accurate. I love the lines of table seeming to flow into those of the fence. I think it’s a great image.

    • Hi, I’m pleased that you agree with me about how an interesting composition can make all the difference; I will certainly keep working on this. Thanks for your comment

      • You are welcome. I look forward to more images and posts from you. I am always looking for ways of improving my own photographs.

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